What do you do when the shepherd (pastor) preys on the flock instead of protecting it?

Narcissism is in the news every day. Narcissist athletes, celebrities, musicians, politicians, pastors...
Wait a minute - did I just write "pastors"? Well, yes, I did.

Most people have a mental picture of pastors. At its worst, the image seems benign like the one here. I wish it were not, but reality says that a disproportionate number are not only narcissistic, they have what many have called malignant narcissism, which is a very dangerous personality disorder.

I have met them. I have worked with their churches. I have seen the devastation these wolves in sheep's clothing cause. I have wept with their victims. They are as real as real can be. They are shepherds whose flocks are on the menu!

We Pray, They Pray - Recognizing and Countering Narcissist Pastors is research=based but it is not an academic book. It is designed to help the average person understand the scourge of narcissist pastors and the damage they cause, and offers strategies to protect yourself and your church.

Nobody knows how many there are but I can tell you from experience that there are too many!

The book has been expanded with new material and I have added victim stories I have collected over the last four years, as well as a chapter on narcissist pastors as spouses and parents. It is not a pretty picture.

Despite the seeming innocence of the pastor in the picture below, it's a disguise - and a very effective one! 
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