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It's a Calling, Not a Profession
After more than 40 years, I still find working with interpersonal, family, group, and organizational conflicts to be a fascinating and rewarding process. No matter how similar some of the conflicts might sound during first contact, each is as unique as the people within it. 

Very few of us are able to deal successfully with strong interpersonal conflict for a simple reason: it's personal, which means that our emotions become part of the problem. When we cannot cope by separating the problem from our emotions, conflict has us, and not the other way around. It can seem as if we are caught in a whirlpool that allows us to get close to safety, but then always drags us back and under.

That's where people like me come in. Since it is not my conflict, I can see the things that you do not and help you find your way through the dark and threatening places to the calm of an early summer morning.

I have worked with all types of organizations (see the column at left) but my passion for conflicted faith communities is paramount. My role is not to tell anyone what to do, but to help people find their own solutions, as your solution will most likely work better than mine.

So, give me a call or drop me an email (darrell@conflicttopeace.com). You can't lose what you don't have!
The new book is almost ready!

We Pray, They Prey - Recognizing and Countering Narcissist Pastors is nearing publication. The final manuscript is with the publisher and cover design is under way.

Much of the material is from Let Us Prey, but it has all been updated and expanded. There is a new chapter of stories submitted to me by victims of narcissist pastors. They are sometimes raw - the only editing was to protect writer identities.

Another new chapter describes the narcissist pastor as spouse and parent (Hint: They are terrible at both!).

We Pray, They Prey will be available in print and digital formats at the same time.

The Road Home - Healing Wounded Congregations
The Road Home is the companion book to Let Us Prey. Any faith community that has experienced a toxic narcissist pastor is wounded, bewildered, and hurting. The Road Home is a guided journey into deep and lasting healing and is designed specifically for wounded congregations. Available worldwide in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle.