What do you do when the shepherd (pastor) preys on the flock instead of protecting it?

Let Us Prey has now moved into the top 4% of all book titles on Amazon with more than 20,000 copies in print or downloaded.

Let Us Prey is based on the groundbreaking study Glenn did across Canada of identifying active pastors who fit the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The results were both astonishing and deeply disturbing: 31.2% scored in the malignant narcissism range.

We wrote the research up and first presented it at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference in Nashville, TN. The paper has since been published on the AACC website

Glenn and I had both worked with numerous congregations that had been deeply damaged by NPD pastors. We chose to write Let Us Prey to help church leaders realize when they have a pastor with NPD and give them means of dealing with it, and as a preventative to hiring them in the first place.

The result? I get several emails every week from around the world sent by people victimized by these wolves in sheep's clothing. They are heartbreaking, but the healing process begins when they now realize that they are not alone, they did nothing to earn the abuse, and that they were victimized intentionally by someone who cared not one bit about them.

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